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Perspective Authors willing to submit the manuscript for potential publication in IJOART shall ensure that the manuscript submitted for review is a bonafied record of their own genuine works and has not even been submitted for review to any other publishing agency. Authors found guilty of submitting the works of other authors i.e. violating the copyright act will be penalized strictly according court of law. While submitting the manuscript for review, Authors transfer all kind of copyrights and intellectual property rights of the manuscript to the Journal.

When does plagiarism occur? Is there an established percentage, a rule of thumb, a saturation point that we can use to determine when plagiarism has taken place? Or is it simply that "plagiarism is plagiarism"? The answer may lie somewhere between the stark (and perhaps too simple) dictum and the convenience of ready-made measures. In most cases, the dictum can be applied appropriately: plagiarism is plagiarism.

However, there are in fact degrees of plagiarism: one can steal an entire paper, or a section of a paper, or a page, a paragraph or a sentence. Even copying phrases without credit and quotation marks can be considered plagiarism. In other words, paraphrasing done improperly can qualify as plagiarism.

So, there are several basic factors to consider when evaluating a case of possible plagiarism:

-Amount or quantity (full paper, a section of a paper, a page, a paragraph, a sentence, phrases)
-Use of quotation marks for all copied text
-Appropriate placement of credit notices
-Improper paraphrasing


This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

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